Mika Ikuta ^_^

Hello, welcome to my journal... I call my journal a journal without anything? haha kidding.. But uhm well, I'm really not used to writing/posting about anything regarding myself and the like, so yah.. I'm just one of the many fangirl of IKUTA TOMA.. ♥♥♥ fufufu.. so, to the people who added me and whom I added, gomen, coz you can just see.... nothing.. LOL.. nah nah.. not much of an uploader, but if I really have something to share.. pls just check Tomalicious site ne? hehehe..

>> Tomalicious International Fanboard <<

^ check the above link for more TOMAlicious goodies.. hehehe..

Mika Ikuta... ♥♥♥

Tomalicious !!

Yosh!!!! Hello minna... Tomalicious forum's new look is now up.. hehe..

Tomalicious International Fanboard

^^ MAJO SAIBAN theme now up... thanks to the people who helped me a lot in managing the forum, and the ones who made our buttons and markers sets.. ^_^ I love the new layout.. Purplish Majo-ish look and feel.. hehehe..

domo arigatou!!! ^_^



Hmmm.. I'm still stressed of what happened this Monday, lol.. uhm well.. I'm still waiting for a call from the Company I applied at.. T_T omg.. I hope I passed the interview.. gah... *Prays* i really need it.. hahaiizz.. anyways.. that's all for now.. I'm feeling sick because of cough and colds... grrr hate it.. haha.. 
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Happy Birthday to me!!

Haha.. Happy Birthday to me!!!! It's my birthday and ... thanks to my friends who first greeted me this very day.. ^^ i'll just give them names. hehe.. Pejie, Aki, and ate Jinx. thanks so much.. and to the rest of the people who greeted me in advance.. thanks.. ^^ Love u all.. hehe.. Godbless.. ^^ ok.. that's just it.. hahaha.. ima go sleep now.. ^^ Gnite.. lol i mean.. good morning.. lol..
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